/Eulamellibranchiata1489054.html,$19,Interactive,by,(Purple),Toys Games , Novelty Gag Toys , Miniatures,Col,djmoom.com,Razor,-,Fingerlings,-,Untamed,Raptor Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Purple Razor safety Col Interactive $19 Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Razor (Purple) - Interactive Col Toys Games Novelty Gag Toys Miniatures /Eulamellibranchiata1489054.html,$19,Interactive,by,(Purple),Toys Games , Novelty Gag Toys , Miniatures,Col,djmoom.com,Razor,-,Fingerlings,-,Untamed,Raptor Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Purple Razor safety Col Interactive $19 Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Razor (Purple) - Interactive Col Toys Games Novelty Gag Toys Miniatures

Untamed Raptor Max 59% OFF by Fingerlings - Purple Razor safety Col Interactive

Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Razor (Purple) - Interactive Col


Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Razor (Purple) - Interactive Col


Product description

Style:Razor (Purple)

Product Description

Razor’s my name and I like my food sliced! Meet the Fingerlings Untamed Velociraptors! These finger-gripping creatures are fierce and unpredictable, and know friends vs. foes. In untamed mode, they roar, hiss and chomp! In tame mode they nuzzle, purr and love to be near you. Complete with snapping jaws and gripping claws, these interactive dinos react to touch, motion, and sound with over 40 different sounds and animations.

From the Manufacturer


Meet the Untamed Velociraptors! These ferocious and unpredictable dinos respond to sound, motion and touch in two modes: Tamed and Untamed. Tap into their soft side and they’ll nuzzle and purr. Unleash their inner beast and they’ll roar, hiss and chomp!


Do you have the touch to tame your raptors? Or will you flip a switch and trigger their wild side? You are the master, but you better be fast to keep up with these dinos!


Tap their noses, heads, or pet them once for various replies: warning calls, hisses, growls, and roars! Shake them to get them really chomped, or press and hold the back of their heads for a full-on ROAR ATTACK!


Calm them into tamed mode by petting: start at the tip of the nose and finish at the back of the head. If they need a rest, lay them down in your hands for a quick raptor snooze.


Want to laugh out loud? Press and hold both sensors together for a surprise! Gross!

Meet the Untamed Velociraptors

My name is Blaze - I’ve got a hot temper! My name is Stealth - Now you see me, now you don’t! The name’s Fury - I'm fast and furious - Tame me if you dare! Razor’s my name and I like my food sliced!

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Ferocious interactive raptors!

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Untamed Velociraptors are pure fun. We wanted to create dinos that you can choose to tame...or leave untamed! Will you tame them into friendly companions or unleash their inner beasts?

What makes your product special?

Untamed Velociraptors respond to over 40 sounds, motion, and touch with blinking eyes and head turns. In untamed mode, they roar, hiss and chomp! In tamed mode, they nuzzle, purr and love to be near you.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

Dino gas. Lots and lots of dino gas!

Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Razor (Purple) - Interactive Col

Intro to Growing Cannabis: Learn How to Grow Weed!

You're here because you want to learn how to grow weed indoors. Check out this tutorial to learn how easy it can be to get started growing marijuana at home!

Read more

Cannabis Leaf Symptoms & Plant Problems

Diagnose your sick plant here! Cannabis deficiencies and other cannabis leaf symptoms can be a headache for any grower. Luckily, we've got the answers to the most common cannabis growing problems.

Read more

How Long Does It Take to Grow Weed?

This is one of the most common questions we receive from curious soon-to-be cannabis growers: How long does it really take to grow weed? What's the growing timeline? It's actually a really good question! Every new marijuana grower should know what they're signing up for! The short answer is...

Calvin Klein Boys' Modern Cotton Assorted Briefs Underwear, Mult

Grow Weed Easy – Learn How to Grow Cannabis

GrowWeedEasy.com teaches you how easy it is to grow weed. Come learn how! Growing weed can be easy, though most “how to grow marijuana” tutorials make things seem like you need a degree in horticulture. The whole process is actually straightforward and surprisingly simple when you know what you need to do!

Grow Weed Easy.com will show you how easy it is to grow your own marijuana at home, with as little time and effort as possible. If you want to start growing cannabis indoors for the first time, or if you’re already a pro grower and want to improve your current cannabis growing skill, this website is for you!

Sign up for our newsletter (to the right) and get growing tips, tactics, and tutorials delivered to you weekly.

You may be asking yourself these common growing questions:

“How do I grow marijuana indoors?”

Read this guide on how to grow marijuana indoors.

Or check out this article to learn what materials you need to get started growing your own marijuana!

Luckily, it’s really easy to get a cannabis seed to sprout!

“How much money will it cost to get started?”

If you’re considering growing weed, it costs as little as $300 to get started growing or a bit more for a semi-automatic, high-yielding bubbleponics grow system.

See examples of yields to expect, electricity use & startup costs for different setups

Read this article to see even more growing styles with different price ranges.

“Where can I get marijuana seeds?”

Check out our How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online Guide (with delivery to every state of the USA) to safely get your hands on good genetics. Starting with good seeds lets you choose the looks, smell, and effects of your buds!

Learn about the best marijuana beginner strains and how to research and find the right strain.

Cannabis buds are generally green, but can also be pink or purple with certain strains.

“How much will electricity cost each month?”

If you’re just growing a few marijuana plants for personal use, it will cost you $20-$100+/month for electricity, depending on what grow lights (electricity) and nutrients you use. On average, I’d say a hobby-size grower might pay about $50/month to grow, but it depends greatly on your setup and local electricity costs!

How much will electricity cost each month?

“How can I increase my marijuana yields?”

We have quite a few techniques to choose from or combine! See some of our most popular pages:

Even More Ways to Increase Cannabis Yields

  1. Increase Light Intensity (plus choose right light for desired yields & possibly add CO2)
  2. Manipulate How Plants Grow (a free way to yield more bud indoors)
  3. Provide Right Nutrients (low Nitrogen in the flowering stage, and remember sometimes less is more!)
  4. Control Growing Environment (let the growing environment work for you)
  5. Harvest Plants Properly (most importantly, don’t harvest early!)
  6. Lastly, it’s important to remember that the strain has a major effect on yields!

Two small cannabis plants can yield several ounces of premium weed!

“How can I grow weed privately?”

Read guide on growing weed indoors without anyone knowing.

But remember the most important factors to stealth growing: “No tell, no smell, no sell.”

Never tell anyone, not even your best friend, that you’re growing. Be on top of preventing smells, and never ever sell cannabis. Breaking one of those 3 principles is how 99% of growers get found out!

“What if my plants get sick?”

The most common issue a grower runs into is a pH imbalance. Barring that, your marijuana plants likely either have a nutrient deficiency, Autographed/Signed Ray Lewis Baltimore Purple Football Jersey JS, or are being attacked by some sort of marijuana mold, pest or bug.

Whether you call it weed, cannabis, sinsemilla, skunk, pot, marijuana, or something else, the plant known as Cannabis Sativa is a hardy weed in the wild and can actually be easy to grow indoors at home when you know what to do.

Growing Medical Marijuana

“Medical marijuana” has become a household name. The body of evidence for medical marijuana in the treatment of cancer and other illnesses is growing every day.

And for those who need medical marijuana, growing weed indoors is the perfect way to ensure a safe, regular supply of buds, for cheap. In fact, when you grow weed indoors for personal use, you often end up with way too much.

If you catch the growing bug like I did, and if you start enjoying the process of tending your cannabis garden just for the sake of gardening, you’re going to have to find a way to press, cook, freeze, and concentrate all your extra buds. 🙂

As you probably know, both medical marijuana and recreational cannabis have been decriminalized or legalized in many places around the world and weed is becoming legal in more places every day!

Yet there still aren’t many simple indoor “how to grow weed” guides for beginners (even for those who legally grow, such as medical marijuana users and those who live in places where marijuana is legalized for personal use).

If so, I know how you feel. It can be hard to weed out all the bad information on the internet and find well-researched, free tips or instructions on how to grow your own cannabis.

That’s why Grow Weed Easy.com aims to be a simple online resource that explains from start to finish what you need to do when growing cannabis so you can learn how to grow cannabis with great yields and potent buds, even if you only have a small grow space like a closet or even a computer case! We’ve grown cannabis out of closets and have gotten ounces of buds and you can too.

Grow Weed Easy.com covers many popular cannabis cultivation topics, including:

Grow Weed Easy is run by a panel of experienced cannabis growers, including the founders Nebula Haze and Sirius Fourside, who originally teamed together to bring you GrowWeedEasy.com.

Due to the demand for more marijuana growing information, we’ve also started an inbox magazine all about how to grow weed, with additional tutorials, tips, and tactics sent to you each week. Simply sign up to start getting free expert growing articles delivered to you!

All the information available at GrowWeedEasy.com is completely free and we regularly update the site and make new additions.

Looking for a growing book?

If you are interested in doing a bit of reading or would like to know more about the science behind marijuana hydroponics or horticulture, I strongly recommend viewing our page of Marijuana Grow Book Reviews.

Read reviews of marijuana grow books

We would love to hear about your experiences with growing cannabis. Whether you are a pro grower already or are just starting your first plant, we have learned so much from our readers both beginners and masters!

If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns, or just want to ask some questions about your marijuana grow, please Stretches 7-14ft Premium Anchor Bungee Dock Line. Absorbs Shock!

Happy Growing!

Nebula Haze & Sirius Fourside

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