$30 Adjustable Mill Color: White Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining /khagiarite477.html,White,Adjustable,djmoom.com,$30,Color:,Mill,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining /khagiarite477.html,White,Adjustable,djmoom.com,$30,Color:,Mill,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $30 Adjustable Mill Color: White Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Adjustable Mill Online limited product White Color: Adjustable Mill Online limited product White Color:

Adjustable Mill Online limited product White Limited Special Price Color:

Adjustable Mill Color: White


Adjustable Mill Color: White

Product description

Sea salt, wet salt, rock salt, peppercorns, seeds... Ceramic Adjustable Mill has an advanced ceramic grinding mechanism, that will never corrode, providing fresh results and durable performance. The adjustable dial allows fine to coarse grinds, while the cap keeps spices dry in humid conditions.

Adjustable Mill Color: White

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