Self,and,Infinix,BoxWave,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,SelfiePod],[Gimble,Note,/parenting,Stand,,Mount,,$49,8i Self,and,Infinix,BoxWave,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,SelfiePod],[Gimble,Note,/parenting,Stand,,Mount,,$49,8i Infinix Note 8i Free shipping / New Stand and BoxWave Self Mount Gimble SelfiePod $49 Infinix Note 8i Stand and Mount, BoxWave [Gimble SelfiePod] Self Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $49 Infinix Note 8i Stand and Mount, BoxWave [Gimble SelfiePod] Self Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Infinix Note 8i Free shipping / New Stand and BoxWave Self Mount Gimble SelfiePod

Infinix Note 8i Free shipping Las Vegas Mall New Stand and BoxWave Self Mount Gimble SelfiePod

Infinix Note 8i Stand and Mount, BoxWave [Gimble SelfiePod] Self


Infinix Note 8i Stand and Mount, BoxWave [Gimble SelfiePod] Self

Product description

With the Gimble SelfiePod, you can now capture the best videos and photos!

You deserve quality photos and videos from every angle - selfie stick AND tripod style! This travel sized, extending, transforming, gliding SelfiePod is exactly what you need to spruce up your selfie skills. Shaky hands? No worries! The 2-Directional Gimble mechanism grips your device securely, and AUTOMATICALLY GYRO-STABILIZES it for smooth videos.

Extends up to 34 inches for awesome selfies and group shots that can include ALL your friends and sceneries.

Looking for a more candid shot? Simply unfold the built-in legs to TRANSFORM the Gimble SelfiePod into a sturdy tripod to change up your photo angles. Say Cheese!

Includes a REMOVABLE Bluetooth shutter button to take group photos, the more the merrier! Just take the shutter button with you and WIRELESSLY snap a photo when everyone is ready! No more running into position as the camera counts down, simply click the button to snap the perfect group picture!

Collapses to a mere 7.5inches for easy PORTABILITY, so that you can carry your Gimble SelfieStick with you everywhere!

Capture all of your memories with the Gimble SelfiePod!

Infinix Note 8i Stand and Mount, BoxWave [Gimble SelfiePod] Self

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