Boaby Relay Module Popularity Isolated Type Channel 16 Interfa $26 Boaby Relay Module Isolated Type 16 Channel Relay Module Interfa Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical $26 Boaby Relay Module Isolated Type 16 Channel Relay Module Interfa Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Relay,Interfa,/terms-of-service/,,Channel,Boaby,Relay,Type,16,Isolated,Module,Module,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,$26 Relay,Interfa,/terms-of-service/,,Channel,Boaby,Relay,Type,16,Isolated,Module,Module,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,$26 Boaby Relay Module Popularity Isolated Type Channel 16 Interfa

Boaby Relay Module Popularity Isolated Type Channel 16 Interfa depot

Boaby Relay Module Isolated Type 16 Channel Relay Module Interfa


Boaby Relay Module Isolated Type 16 Channel Relay Module Interfa

Product description


Supply voltage: DC 5V/12V/24V (Optional)

Trigger current: 5mA

Mounting hole diameter: 3mm

Module size (L*W*H): 15.3*10*2.0cm /

Boaby Relay Module Isolated Type 16 Channel Relay Module Interfa



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